Build Automated Trading Strategies for Crypto Currencies

Use your OWN data or data included

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  • Create automated trading strategies in seconds
  • Test specific ideas or allow the software to find the best
  • Works on any timeframe, market, bar type, and asset class
  • Put statistics and math behind your trades with NO programming

What is Build Alpha?

1. Select

  • Market
  • Dates
  • Entry Signals
  • Exits
  • Slippage and Commission

2. Simulate

Build Alpha will find the best strategies possible in seconds to minutes

3. Analyze

  • View Equity Curves
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Noise Testing
  • Build Portfolios
  • Correlations
  • Generate Trading Code

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Choose from over 5,000 pre built indicators or build your own!

choose from existing library, create your own signals from drag and drop indicator builder, or code your own using fully functional python environment!

Sample Strategies

Crude Oil

US 30 Yr Bonds

Nasdaq Futures

AAPL Stock

BTC Hourly

XRP 30 Minutes

Gold Futures

S&P 500



LTC 15 Min

Advanced Features

MinimumVariance Optimization – Find proper weights to give each strategy in your portfolio to achieve the best risk reward.

Seasonality Breakdowns – Look for seasonal patterns in the data and add rules to your strategy to avoid potential bad periods of day, week, month, quarter or year.

Intraday Checks – Find the best times, number of trades, and daily target and loss amounts for each and every strategy.


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About Me

My Story

I started trading just like everyone else. Looking for a way to supplement my income and hell even drive a Lamborghini one day. I scoured the internet finding chat rooms, forums, blogs, videos, trading sites and educators only to continue to lose money into the markets. I tried everything… technical analysis, fundamental analysis, momentum, etc.

Luckily, about five plus years into my journey I landed a job with a high frequency trading firm (about 6 years ago now).. you know ‘speed traders’. Anyways, I learned that there was a third way to approach the markets and trading: Quantitative trading. In other words, putting statistics and probabilities behind my trades to make sure I was taking calculated risks and trading when I actually had an edge! For example, did you know when XYZ happens there is a 78% chance of achieving 2X your risk within 3 days?

Ok, so at this point I know I need quantified edges like above to succeed but finding them takes a lot of work, requires data crunching, excel or some programming! I forced myself to learn programming because it was the only way I knew how to obtain the data and edges I needed to succeed.

I built tons of programs to find new trading ideas, analyze existing ideas, combine ideas into portfolios, check for statistical validity, stress test my strategies, etc.

Build Alpha is the culmination of all my efforts into one easy to use software. 

In short, don’t take the road I traveled. It was hard and expensive, required me to learn programming, and advanced statistical methods. I’ve created Build Alpha to make my life easier and now I am ready to share it with others to help make their trading journey easier. Join the fastest growing community of systematic traders using software built for traders by a trader!